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zzy Osbourne, the only mortal to openly challenge the Lich King’s claim to the title „Prince of Darkness“ and survive, will take the stage LIVE at Anaheim Convention Center to rock the closing ceremonies of BlizzCon 2009.

Although tickets to the convention sold out in minutes, you can still join this epic two day event with the ‚BlizzCon Virtual Ticket‘ Live Internet Stream. In addition to Ozzy’s live concert performance, the Virtual Ticket will include 18 hours of BlizzCon coverage and the BlizzCon 2009 exclusive in game pet: Grunty the Murloc Marine.

n issue 30, the Blizzard Insider revealed an early chapter of Christie Golden’s new novel, Arthas: Rise of the Lich King. That passage explores the lesser known side of the Lich King and examines the man he was before he shattered the Frozen Throne.

Now we invite you to preview a much later chapter in the novel, a point when darkness and vengeance have only just begun to hold sway over the destiny of the young prince of Lordaeron.

Arthas: Rise of the Lich King chronicles the history and legacy of one of Warcraft’s most iconic antiheroes. So read on, for soon the assault on Icecrown Citadel begins, and the ancient Lich King waits within, preparing for battle and reflecting on the choices made during his dark rise to power.

atch the protoss combat the zerg across a mineral laden asteroid in this newly released StarCraft II battle report. Teeming packs of zerglings and squads of stoic zealots clash across a treacherous battlefield as each faction attempts to outflank its rival and cut off vital supply lines.

StarCraft II multiplayer is definitely heating up!

Featuring play by play commentary from the game’s developers, the matchup shows many new tactical elements and strategies coming in the next installment of the StarCraft saga. Check out the exciting real time strategy combat of StarCraft II, and start drafting your battle plans today.

Watch StarCraft II Battle Report 3

he newest entry in the Diablo III bestiary documents the fallen, a race of gibbering imp like creatures that once served as the personal servants of the demon Azmodan.

Although cowardly and disorganized, the fallen often gather around their tribal leaders, such as the powerful shamans and overseers, who can exert a degree of control over the teeming hordes of their lesser kindred. A group of fallen driven into a frenzied state by one or more of these elite units is far deadlier than a few imps left to their own devices

Check out the newest addition to the ever growing Diablo III bestiary, and learn about the habits, tactics, and characteristics of this volatile new foe.

ith the realase of World of Warcraft Content Patch 3.2 Call of the Crusade, final preparations begin for the ultimate assault on Icecrown Citadel. The Argent Tournament has opened its gates in the hopes of finding the heroes most capable of taking on the Lich King. Meanwhile, tensions between the Horde and Alliance have flared anew as both factions seek to control the natural resources recently discovered on the Isle of Conquest. Owners of either an iPhone or iPod touch can download this application free of charge.

ver wanted to check your raid schedule, look up a piece of PvP gear, or concoct a new talent spec while on the go? The new World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app for iPhone and iPod touch lets you access the official Armory database from anywhere you have a mobile connection, and features much of the same functionality as the Armory website. It features 51 new figures to collect and battle, never before seen equipment cards to intensify gameplay, and new epics to chase, including Cairne Bloodhoof!

SteelSeries 5C Limited Edition (WotLK)

Now available from SteelSeries are the 5C Limited Edition gaming surfaces. With a specially designed surface, these mats provide a platform with consistent friction, glide, precision, and accuracy. Get one of these limited edition Frost Wyrm gaming surfaces now!
moncler size chart Blizzard Insider 31